Open Source IoT Platform

Kuzzle IoT

Simplify the deployment of your IoT applications and focus on your core business

Kuzzle IoT Platform

Kuzzle IoT simplifies the management of devices
and data on the Internet of Things

As an open source IoT platform, Kuzzle IoT is compatible with sensor technologies, connectivity, networks, and business systems and offers a centralized system for controlling your connected devices
in real time.

Kuzzle Dashboard Builder

Connect and control your equipment

With Kuzzle Device Manager, simplify the management of your IoT devices. Associate your sensors and pilot your devices whatever their technology or IoT network connectivity (LPWAN, LoRa, Sigfox, Nb-IoT, and LTE-M..) and communicate with any protocol (MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, OPC-UA, TCP/UDP, HTTP ). Our decoder system converts raw data into standardised data for use in various formats. Provision and manage your devices en masse and have end-to-end visibility of your fleet.

Visualise your IoT data

With Kuzzle Dashboard Builder​, create your custom dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets and drive your IoT data to shorten your decision-making. Aggregate and analyse data from all your connected devices and display your IoT data the way you want with graphs, histograms, or map views. Turn your IoT data into actionable information for everyone.

Kuzzle IoT - Device manager
Kuzzle IoT - Admin console

Manage your users and their permissions

Discover our Kuzzle Admin Console. This standalone web application will assist you in managing your Kuzzle backend, including your data, users, and their permissions. Additionally, Kuzzle Multi-Tenant allows you to define profile groups so that each user and user group can access key information according to their permissions. This enables each organization to work with a virtual instance tailored to their needs through a single platform

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The Open Source IoT Platform, Kuzzle IoT,  provides Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Industry,
Smart Logistics & Transport and Smart Healthcare use cases, for large-scale data processing projects
on the Internet of Things.

Kuzzle IoT

« The project showed the Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate various geolocation solutions, display them on a map, and use the data within just one week. With Kuzzle IoT, we talk about development more often in weeks than months.»

Nicolas Lemaire

CEO of Omniscient, Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Construction

Kuzzle IoT: your IoT and Data platform

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation open source IoT platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic with respect to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems, allowing for simplified and centralised management for all smart services in your community.

Kuzzle helps you reduce the deployment time of your IoT applications and to focus on your core business.

Created for innovative IoT projects

Kuzzle IoT is an Open Source IoT platform that follows a Low Code approach for widespread adoption by users, allowing business teams to innovate and accelerate the launch of your IoT & Data applications.

Kuzzle IoT Open Source

Open Source

The source code of Kuzzle IoT is open, customizable, and scalable to personalize your business applications.

Kuzzle IoT On premise

On-Premise & PaaS

Our IoT platform can be installed in cloud mode with Kuzzle PaaS or On-Premise with Kuzzle IoT.

Kuzzle IoT-Extensible


Add business functionalities in just a few clicks and connect them to your existing IT system.

Kuzzle IoT - Scalable


From PoC to large-scale deployment, Kuzzle IoT adapts to all projects, regardless of their size and complexity.

Kuzzle IoT - Durable


Digital sobriety and eco-design for all IoT projects to preserve the environment.

Kuzzle IoT - Privacy

Made in France

Kuzzle IoT is a French technology with data hosted in France to guarantee data sovereignty.

Kuzzle PaaS

All the power of an open source, online IoT platform

Discover Kuzzle PaaS, our flexible, commitment-free platform for all your IoT applications
We take care of the commissioning, hosting, and management of your Kuzzle IoT platform for immediate online use.
Focus on your core business while we handle all your technical infrastructure needs.

Business plugins, to control all your uses

Kuzzle IoT is a new generation of Open Source IoT platform that natively integrates a series of plugins to cover a wide range of use cases through a single Open Source IoT platform to bring together all your business data. With Kuzzle IoT, simplify the deployment of your IoT & Data applications and focus on your core business.

Data Security

Secure your applications, data, and APIs through a user rights and permissions management system. Authenticate your users with over 500 security policies (OAuth2, OpenID…).


Kuzzle IoT integrates with your information system and business applications through a Multi-Protocol API. Synchronize your systems, repositories, and data sources in real time, regardless of their format and heterogeneity.

Business Rule Engine

Configure business rules, trigger user actions and workflows based on specific events or conditions.


Use the geolocation and geofencing features of our IoT platform, Kuzzle IoT, to track your equipment on a map and trigger real-time position change notifications.

Real-time database

Kuzzle’s powerful real-time engine, Konkorde, is ideal for massive ingestion, storage, processing, exploitation, and securing of your IoT data.

Alert Manager

Configure real-time alerts to closely monitor your activity. Receive notifications based on the status or change of status of your IoT equipment.

Discover the projects carried out by our teams

Pilot +270 Smart Cities Smart City

The department of Finistère monitors the needs of its 270 communities in real time thanks to Kuzzle IoT

Connected containers Smart Logistics

The La Poste Group is optimising its parcel delivery supply chain and improving customer satisfaction with Kuzzle IoT.

Connected construction site Smart Industry

For Bouygues Construction, Omniscient is deploying an IoT & Data platform which geolocates connected construction equipment with Kuzzle


Kuzzle IoT, the leading Open Source IoT platform

Kuzzle is an open source software company providing an expert platform for the Internet of Things and massive data processing