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Kuzzle PaaS

Activate the power of the Kuzzle IoT platform online, with no commitment

Kuzzle PaaS

Our ADN? It’s Open Source

Kuzzle publishes open source software for managing the Internet of Things, data, and APIs.
Conceived and developed by French engineers, Kuzzle solutions accelerate the deployment of modern applications by offering an Open Source standard. Our teams are ready to support your IoT projects!

Kuzzle IoT, an IoT platform for all your needs

Kuzzle Smart City

Smart City

Connect and control your city and offer new intelligent services to users.
Urban hypervision by Kuzzle IoT: manage public lighting, waste and waste collecting points, water, public buildings, parking, and energy consumption.

Kuzzle Smart Logistique

Smart Logistics

Optimise supply chain efficiency and monitor shipments in real time.
Improve your deliveries with Kuzzle IoT: real time location, zone-based alerts, estimated arrival times, delivery tracking, last mile optimization.

Kuzzle Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Improve your industrial performance and analyse your production.
Accelerate your productivity with Kuzzle IoT: real-time production monitoring, supervision and maintenance, data analysis, and energy consumption management.

Kuzzle Smart Building

Smart Building

Connect and monitor your intelligent building to improve user comfort.
Kuzzle IoT helps you face the challenges of an intelligent building: indoor air quality management, equipment monitoring and maintenance, real time crowd management, and water management.

IoT & Data Science Platform

Kuzzle IoT is Open Source, agnostic, and compatible with sensor technologies and all manner of IoT and network connectivity devices. We provide ready-to-use IoT functionalities for all your uses: geolocation & geofencing, asset tracking, digital twinning, …

IoT Open Source Platform

Kuzzle IoT

Simplify the deployment
of your IoT applications

Kuzzle IoT Platform

IoT Platform-as-a-Service

Kuzzle PaaS

Activate the power of the Kuzzle IoT platform online, with no commitment

Kuzzle PaaS
Kuzzle IoT - manage devices

Equipment Manager

Manage all your connected equipment from one place. Control your devices regardless of what technology or IoT network connectivity system they use.

Kuzzle IoT - Data visualization

Dashboard Generator

Build and customise your dashboards in just a few clicks, turning your IoT data into actionable information.

The strength of the Kuzzle IoT solution is that it offers an open, flexible, and scalable platform to support us in the long term. The platform-agnostic approach allows us to use multiple sensor types and test manufacturers in the IoT ecosystem

Fabrice Plateau

Directeur of IT Innovation (BSCC), La Poste

Discover the projects carried out by our teams

Our Open Source IoT platform has been adopted by major players for the deployment of their Smart CitySmart BuildingSmart Industry, Smart Logistics & Transport and Smart Healthcare projects.

Pilot +270 Smart Cities Smart City

The department of Finistère monitors the needs of its 270 communities in real time thanks to Kuzzle IoT

Connected containers Smart Logistics

The La Poste Group is optimising its parcel delivery supply chain and improving customer satisfaction with Kuzzle IoT.

Smart station Smart Industry

With Kuzzle IoT, SNCF is connecting its equipment and making its stations intelligent while improving the passenger experience

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