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Smart Logistics

Optimize the efficiency of your supply chain

Smart logistics

Thanks to Kuzzle IoT, quickly make your supply chain smart by gathering all the digital uses allowing to rationalize the transport of goods.
Inform in real time the different actors of your ecosystem about the state and the position of their goods and trigger alerts according to the progress of the transport.
Optimize the quality of your transports thanks to IoT sensors: temperature, humidity, shock, inclination…to guarantee a delivery on time and in perfect condition.

Optimize your supply chain with Kuzzle IoT

Connected supply chain

Tracking travel

A new way of thinking about the logistics chain by integrating sensors (temperature, humidity, shock, inclination, etc.) that communicate data to control the quality of goods transport in order to guarantee on-time delivery in perfect condition, while controlling the delivery route and reducing transport costs.

Predictive approach

Predective approach

Developing a predictive approach based on the collection and analysis of IoT data on the Kuzzle platform promotes rapid and anticipated decision making.
Create smart supply chains and build new decision processes to maximize the value chain.

Storage and inventory

Storage and inventory

With Kuzzle IoT solutions, make your stock management more reliable with the inventory of your goods and their remote counting to minimize losses thanks to the real time localization wherever they are : warehouse, container trucks, planes… even in transit.

« The strength of the Kuzzle IoT solution is to offer an open, flexible and scalable platform to support us in the long term. The agnostic approach of the platform allows us to use several types of sensors and to test the manufacturers of the IoT ecosystem.»

Fabrice Plateau

IT Innovation Director (BSCC), Groupe La Poste

Kuzzle IoT : your IoT Smart Logistics platform

Kuzzle IoT is a new generation of platform that accelerates the development of your IoT applications: It is agnostic towards existing sensor, network and information system technologies for a centralized and simplified management of the entire value chain.

With Kuzzle IoT, reduce the time-to-market of your IoT applications and focus on the user experience.


Start your transformation with Kuzzle IoT.

With Kuzzle IoT develop your Smart Logistics projects quickly and easily.

Geolocalisation et Geofencing

Locate your goods in real time and be informed in the event of an exit from an area thanks to Kuzzle IoT.

Real time alerts

Locate your goods in real time and be informed in the event of an exit from an area thanks to Kuzzle IoT.

Utilisation rate

Know the rate of use of your containers to optimize filling and gain in efficiency.

Security and prospection

Protect and secure your merchandise with real-time tracking and alert management.

Remote inventory

Make a remote and in real time inventory of the contents of your containers for more efficiency.

Collection of data

Collect and analyze data from your connected goods to optimize your supply chain.

Smart Logistics, a connected ecosystem

As a ready to use features

Real time alert

Receive notifications based on scheduled alerts to track the activity of your goods in real time.

Object management

With the Kuzzle IoT console, configure, monitor and control all your connected objects via a single, easy-to-use interface.

Centralised management

Manage all your Smart Logistics uses via a single platform for simplified and optimized use.

Reports and dashboard

Build custom dashboards enriched with your IoT data according to your needs and easily exploitable.

100% Open Source

The Kuzzle IoT open source backend is constantly evolving thanks to its community, to continuously bring new features.

Multi-protocole API

Kuzzle IoT Platform integrates into all information systems to be fully integrated into your ecosystem.

Geofencing & geolocalisation

Use the geofencing feature of Kuzzle IoT to create a monitoring tool and receive real time notifications.

Pub/Sub Engine

Kuzzle IoT’s powerful real-time engine is ideal for data synchronization, notifications and more.

Developer’s corner

Kuzzle IoT is an Open Source IoT platform, secure, scalable and customizable. It collects, indexes, processes in mass heterogeneous data from the Internet of Things in real time. Kuzzle IoT includes a scalable server, an HTTP/MQTT/websockets API, an administration console, plugins, real-time notifications, pub/sub and geofencing.

They trust on Kuzzle IoT

They called on the Kuzzle teams to develop their projects: smart building, smart transport geofencing, smart logistics & data management…

Crédit Agricole

Our latest Smart Logistics success stories

Connected containers Smart Logistics

The La Poste group is improving the tracking and delivery of parcels thanks to Kuzzle IoT and boosting customer satisfaction.

Fight against the Covid-19 Smart Health

With Kuzzle IoT Omniscient promotes social distancing and protects workers.

Equipment tracking Smart Logitsics

ShareMat tracks its construction equipment with the Kuzzle IoT platform.

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Kuzzle aims to be the reference IoT Smart Logistics platform in Europe.

Kuzzle is an open source software company providing an expert software platform for the management of the Internet of Things, APIs and data​