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Control your Smart City

With Kuzzle IoT, meet the needs of communities

With Kuzzle IoT, connect and control your smart areas, your public or private services,
and your infrastructure infrastructures. Leverage real-time data from the Internet of Things to deliver innovative new services to users.

Kuzzle provides a turnkey Smart City solution adapted to the needs of communities large and small, helping them bring services closer to citizens.

IoT platform for connected cities and territories

territory and environnement wifi

Space and environment

Optimise your area’s energy consumption and natural resources, waste treatment, public lighting management, water, air quality, and environment.
Consolidate and secure your community’s data locally with our IoT-based Smart City platform.

Kuzzle IoT Smart City

Sustainable mobility

Kuzzle IoT allows to monitor traffic and parking, to supervise intelligent public transport networks, and to promote soft and sustainable mobility for a new user experience.

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Inclusive connected city

A new way of thinking about the city with intelligent services that encourage the participation and integration of inhabitants in the life of their community.
Kuzzle IoT’s Smart City solution answers the challenges of cities by putting public services at the centre of our aspirations.

“With this initiative, the first of its kind in France, Finistère’s local authorities will soon have tools to manage the implementation of their energy and financial efficiency policies within the scope of networked public services as well as in citizen relations.”

Emmanuel Quéré

Deputy director, SDEF

Kuzzle IoT: your IoT Smart City platform

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation open source IoT platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic with respect to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems, allowing for simplified and centralised management for all smart services in your community.

Kuzzle helps you reduce the deployment time of your IoT applications and to focus on your core business. 

Urban hypervision by Kuzzle IoT

Our Kuzzle IoT platform offers multiple out-of-the-box features for your Smart City. 

Waste management

Optimise waste collection planning and costs according to real-time capacity data from voluntary waste collection facilities…

Public lighting

Detect and report faults in real time, measure and reduce energy consumption…


Simplify route planning, fleet maintenance, reduce pollution…


Measure parking space occupancy, detect illegal or improper parking, receive overstay alerts…

Water management

Leak detection and analysis, irrigation monitoring, remote metre reading, smart watering, consumption management…

Public buildings

Analyse indoor air quality, detect malfunctions, secure buildings…

Kuzzle PaaS

All the power of an open source, online IoT platform

Discover Kuzzle PaaS, our flexible, commitment-free platform for all your IoT applications
We take care of the commissioning, hosting, and management of your Kuzzle IoT platform for immediate online use.
Focus on your core business while we handle all your technical infrastructure needs.

Smart City, a connected ecosystem

Our Kuzzle IoT Smart City platform offers multiple out-of-the-box features.

Real-time alerts

Receive notifications based on scheduled alerts and track real-time activity in your community in your open source IoT platform

Device management

With the Kuzzle IoT console’s extensive compatibility, configure, monitor and control all your connected devices through a single easy-to-use interface.

Centralized control

Control all your Smart City systems via a single platform for simplified and optimised use.

Rapports et dashboard

Build easy-to-use, custom dashboards enriched with your IoT data according to your needs.

100% Open Source

Thanks to its dedicated community, the Kuzzle IoT open source backend is constantly evolving and adding new features.

Multi-protocol API

Compatible with all IT systems, the Kuzzle IoT Smart City platform is easily integrated into your ecosystem.

Geofencing & georeferencing

Use Kuzzle IoT’s geolocation and geofencing features to create a monitoring tool and receive real-time notifications.

Pub/sub engine

The powerful real-time engine of the Kuzzle IoT Smart City solution is ideal for data synchronization, notifications, and much more.

Developer’s corner

Kuzzle IoT is an open source, secure, scalable and customizable IoT platform. It collects, indexes, and processes heterogeneous data from the Internet of Things in real time.
Kuzzle IoT includes a scalable server, HTTP/MQTT/websockets API, an admin console, plugins, real-time notifications, a pub/sub engine, and geofencing.

They have trusted Kuzzle IoT

The Open Source IoT Platform, Kuzzle IoT,  provides Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Industry,
Smart Logistics & Transport and Smart Healthcare use cases, for large-scale data processing projects
on the Internet of Things.

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Our latest Smart City case studies

Connected buildings Smart City

The city of Noisy-le-Grand is improving air quality and reducing energy consumption in its buildings with Kuzzle IoT

Pilot +270 Smart Cities Smart City

The department of Finistère monitors the needs of its 270 communities in real time thanks to Kuzzle IoT

Intelligent public lighting Smart City

Real-time supervision and remote control of public lighting for local authorities thanks to an open platform


Kuzzle IoT, the leading IoT Smart City platform

Kuzzle is an open source software company providing an expert platform for the Internet of Things and massive data processing