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Platform for intelligent buildings

Optimize your energy performance

Smart buildings

With Kuzzle IoT, take up the challenges related to environmental and legal issues :
Control the energy consumption of your buildings and meet the sanitary standards.
Connect and monitor your intelligent building to deploy preventive actions
and improve user comfort.
Benefit from real-time analysis and detailed dashboards for optimized management of your buildings. 

With Kuzzle IoT,
take up the challenges of intelligent building 

Kuzzle smart building

Track your energy indicators

By 2050, energy consumption will have to be reduced by 60% under the ELAN law. Companies will have to collect data related to their energy consumption and exploit them efficiently to implement both corrective and preventive actions. With our Kuzzle IoT platform, secure and exploit your data while meeting the regulatory challenge

Kuzzle smart building

Improve indoor air quality

Indoor air can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, while the French spend an average of 85% of their time in a closed space.
Accompany your users to the ventilation of their meeting rooms and offices for more comfort and safety.
With Kuzzle IoT be informed in real time of the indoor air quality of your buildings to respect sanitary measures and the mandatory CO2 measurement to act quickly.

Kuzzle smart building

Reduce your energy consumption expenses

With Kuzzle IoT monitor the energy efficiency of your buildings to consume only what you need and reduce your energy expenses. Regulate temperature, optimize air and heat flows, automate lighting, monitor equipment consumption, identify overconsumption of energy …
Moreover, integrate directly GTB inside your Kuzzle for a global and centralized management of your buildings. 

«Working with Kuzzle allowed us to conduct a year-long experiment to deploy sensors in our elementary school, with an initial budget that was met including sensors, subscriptions, use of the tool and monitoring.
This experimentation facilitates the rapid acquisition and use of data, and reduces dissension about the interest, or not, of the data.

Axel Saint-Charles

DSI, Noisy-le-Grand

Kuzzle IoT : your IoT Smart Building platform

Kuzzle IoT is a new generation of open source platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems for a centralized and simplified management of all smart services in the city.

With Kuzzle IoT, reduce the time-to-market of your IoT applications and focus on the user experience.


Improve the energy performance and comfort of your buildings with Kuzzle IoT

Develop your Smart Building projects quickly and easily.

Kuzzle smart building

Data collection and analysis

With Kuzzle IoT collect, process, secure and analyze large volumes of heterogeneous data from all your connected buildings via business dashboards. 

Kuzzle smart building

Supervision and maintenance

Monitor your GTB/GTC and your connected machines to optimize and track their operation and anticipate their maintenance to implement preventive actions.

Kuzzle smart building

Real-time attendance measurement

With Kuzzle IoT count in real time the number of people present in your building to promote their reception and compliance with sanitary measures in full context Covid.

Kuzzle smart building

Safety of premises and users

Protect and secure your buildings and the people in them with connected sensors and real-time alerts for rapid response.

Kuzzle smart building

Smart parking

Be informed in real time of the occupancy rate of parking spaces in real time and optimize the rotation of parked vehicles.

Kuzzle smart building

Fluid management

Connect and remotely meter all the water and fluids in your building and be alerted in case of a malfunction or leak for a quick intervention.

Smart Building, a connected ecosystem

As a ready to use features

Real time alert

Receive notifications based on scheduled alerts to track the activity of your building in real time.

Object management

With the Kuzzle IoT console, configure, monitor and control all your connected objects via a single, easy-to-use interface.

Centralised management

Manage all your Smart City uses via a single platform for simplified and optimized use.

Reports and dashboard

Build custom dashboards enriched with your IoT data according to your needs and easily exploitable.

Open Source

The Kuzzle IoT open source backend is constantly evolving thanks to its community, to continuously bring new features.

Multi-protocole API

Kuzzle IoT Platform integrates into all information systems to be fully integrated into your ecosystem.

Geofencing & geolocation

Use the geofencing feature of Kuzzle IoT to create a monitoring tool and receive real time notifications.

Pub/Sub Engine

Kuzzle IoT’s powerful real-time engine is ideal for data synchronization, notifications and more.

Developer’s corner

Kuzzle IoT is an Open Source IoT platform, secure, scalable and customizable. It collects, indexes, processes in mass heterogeneous data from the Internet of Things in real time. Kuzzle IoT includes a scalable server, an HTTP/MQTT/websockets API, an administration console, plugins, real-time notifications, pub/sub and geofencing.

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Our latest success stories Smart Building

Connected buildings

The city of Noisy-le-Grand is boosting its energy efficiency and user comfort thanks to Kuzzle IoT solutions.

Pilot +270 Smart Cities Smart City

With the Kuzzle IoT platform, the Finistère Territory manages the needs of over 270 cities.

Smart station Smart Industry

With Kuzzle IoT, SNCF is making its stations intelligent and improving the customer experience of travelers.

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Kuzzle aims to be the reference IoT Smart City platform in Europe.

Kuzzle is an Open Source software editor providing an expert software platform for the management of the Internet of Things, APIs and data.