Kuzzle x Kawantech
Smart City

Street lighting
monitoring platform

Local authorities can remotely monitor and control their lighting equipment using an open source IoT platform.

Kawantech used Kuzzle IoT to connect streetlights in cities and transition to eco-friendly lighting.

Kawantech equips the lighting equipment with two intelligent devices, a Kara sensor and a DALI D4i LED driver, which feed data back into the Kuzzle IoT platform to be evaluated via business dashboards.
With Kawantech and Kuzzle IoT solutions, monitor and optimize your lighting equipment to meet users’ needs and cut energy consumption by two thirds.
Intelligent lighting devices can provide the best possible street lighting while protecting the environment!

Kuzzle x Kawantech

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Energy savings

“Today, the revolution is local. The economic shock caused by rising energy prices presents a real opportunity to go faster: to better manage your lighting infrastructure, more quickly, and to get up to speed on the latest technologies. The new Dali and Zhaga/D4i standards are tried and tested and allow for simplified management of lighting infrastructure. Kawantech supports the Territoires d’Energies (local and regional authorities responsible for the energy transition in France) and offers inventory management via an open-source platform – developed by Kuzzle at our request – to all such organisations. This platform is available in the ‘Énergie Commune 81’ SEM. The authorities’ data are stored by a public/private company, guaranteeing their digital sovereignty.”

Yves Le Henaff

Founder and President, Kawantech

IoT & Data platform for intelligent
street lighting management

The Kuzzle IoT platform for Smart Cities meets the new open and universal Zhaga/D4i standards.
It ensures high reliability and interoperability between communications protocols, equipment, networks, and connectivity systems.



  • Interoperability
  • Real time engine
  • Geolocation
  • Device manager
  • Data management
  • Workflow management
  • API Management
  • Data history
  • Dashboard Builder
  • Scalability

Connected equipment

2 types of Kawantech sensors (Kara and D4i) have been deployed to connect street lights and electrical infrastructure in cities.

Kuzzle IoT : your IoT Smart City platform

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation open source IoT and data platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic with respect to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems, allowing for simplified and centralised management.

Kuzzle helps you reduce the deployment time of your IoT applications and to focus on your core business.

Connect and control your lighting equipment remotely

With the deployment of the Kuzzle IoT platform, Kawantech remotely monitors cities’ lighting needs and helps them reduce their energy costs.

Kuzzle x Kawantech

Monitoring of lighting infrastructure

The Kuzzle IoT platform allows Kawantech to :

  • Switching streetlights on/off
  • Define light intensity rules that vary according to the time of day or the time of year
  • Manage light intensity directly from the platform
  • Receive alerts in the event of a sensor malfunction.

New open standards

Kuzzle IoT is an open platform, compatible with the Zhaga standard and the D4i drivers to connect and control public lighting equipment, whatever their model or technology:

  • With the Zhaga standard, streetlamps are repairable and upgradable, avoiding the need to buy back equipment.
  • D4i drivers allow full control of LED devices.

Combined with the Kuzzle IoT platform, these two technologies guarantee optimal operation of public lighting infrastructure.

Kuzzle x Kawantech
Kuzzle x Kawantech

Data visualisation

With Kuzzle Dashboard Builder, Kawantech can :

  • Integrate and analyse heterogeneous data from various sources
  • Visualise the locations of lighting devices in real time
  • Generate customised dashboards to monitor activity as closely as possible (operating hours, light intensity, etc.).
Kuzzle x Kawantech

Kawantech is a Toulouse-based SME with expertise in public lighting and intelligent mobility since 2011.
They design and assemble all their products in Toulouse, in particular, Kara TM: a shape discrimination sensor integrated into the streetlight and capable of interpreting the use of the public highway
to adapt the light to the needs of users in real-time while reducing the consumption of LED streetlights by a factor of 3. In 2021, Kawantech will be the company with the best scores in the world for reducing public lighting consumption in metropolitan areas.

They have trusted us

Kuzzle IoT, the Open Source IoT platform, addresses Smart CitySmart Building,
Smart Industry, Smart Logistics & Transport, and Connected Health use cases
as well as large-scale data processing for the Internet of Things.

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Noisy le Grand

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