Kuzzle Dashboard Builder

IoT Dashboards

Create your own dashboards
and manage your IoT data

Kuzzle Dashboard Builder

Unlock the potential of your IoT data

Aggregate and analyse all your IoT data from all your connected devices  with our ready-to-use IoT dashboards and turn your IoT data into actionable information for everyone.

With Kuzzle Dashboard Builder, generate powerful and comprehensive IoT dashboards with real-time IoT data from your connected devices, according to your business needs.

Kuzzle IoT - pilot device

Bring your IoT data to life

Turn your IoT data into actionable information and quickly start creating dashboards with predefined views using drag-and-drop widgets.
Quickly create custom reports anyone can use with your key data, without query language or code.

Kuzzle IoT - Dashboard Builder

Visualise your IoT data in real time

Display your IoT data the way you want to, with graphs, histograms, and map views providing a clear and intuitive overview of your data.
Generate the perfect graph and export it in just a few clicks

Kuzzle IoT - Dashboard Builder

Speed up your decision making

Easily share your IoT dashboard with your teams, for greater responsiveness and more effective prediction of your business data.
Give your team access to analytics so they can easily create the dashboards they need.

Try Kuzzle IoT with your IoT data now!

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation open source IoT platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic with respect to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems, allowing for simplified and centralised management for all smart services in your community.
Kuzzle helps you reduce the deployment time of your IoT applications and to focus on your core business. 
Test the functionalities of Kuzzle IoT by integrating your own data and visualising your dashboards in a few clicks!

Turn your IoT data into actionable information for users

Make your IoT data accessible and usable by all, meeting all your business needs.

Kuzzle Dashboard Builder

Analyse all your connected equipment

Anticipate maintenance actions thanks to real-time information on the status of your connected objects.
Deploy powerful IoT dashboards and compare your key metrics over custom time periods to quickly take preventive action.

Make the most of all your IoT data

Automatically schedule customised reports to be sent by email as frequently as you choose, ensuring continuous monitoring of your key indicators.
Send each dashboard to the recipients of your choice.

Kuzzle Dashboard Builder
Kuzzle Dashboard Builder

Secure and preserve your IoT data

Give internal and external members of your organisation access to the IoT reports they need.
Preserve the security of your IoT data with advanced, and adjustable, and configurable permissions.

Kuzzle Device Manager

Simplify the management of your IoT devices and sensors

With Kuzzle Device Manager, simplify the management of your IoT devices and sensors.
Set up and manage your IoT devices en masse with Kuzzle IoT’s open source Device Manager. Associate your sensors and control your devices regardless of what IoT network connectivity they use. Get end-to-end visibility of your assets to expedite your decision making.

Created for innovative IoT projects

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation Open Source IoT platform that accelerates the deployment of your IoT & Data applications and allows you to focus on what matters: the user experience.

Kuzzle IoT Open Source

Open Source

Available in open source, auditable, modifiable, scalable, extensible.
View in Github

Kuzzle IoT On premise

Cloud & On-Premise

Enable organisations to control the security of their data.

Kuzzle IoT-Extensible


Add business functionalities and link them to their existing IT system.

Kuzzle IoT - Scalable


From proof of concept to large-scale deployment, Kuzzle IoT adapts to all projects, whatever their size and complexity.

Kuzzle IoT - Durable


Our agile, ethical design approach is shaped by our focus on digital sobriety and eco-friendliness.

Kuzzle IoT - Privacy

Privacy by design

Respect and protection of personal data starts in the design phase.

They have trusted Kuzzle IoT

The Open Source IoT Platform, Kuzzle IoT,  provides Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Industry,
Smart Logistics & Transport and Smart Healthcare use cases, for large-scale data processing projects
on the Internet of Things.

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Containers connectés Smart Logitsics

Le groupe La Poste optimise sa chaîne logistique de livraison de colis et améliore la satisfaction de ses clients avec Kuzzle IoT.

Piloter 270 collectivités Smart City

Le Territoire de Finistère monitore en temps-réel les besoins des 270 communes de son département grâce à Kuzzle IoT

Chantiers connectés Smart Logitsics

Omniscient pour Bouygues Construction déploie une plateforme IoT & Data de géolocalisation d’équipements connectés de chantier avec Kuzzle


Kuzzle IoT, the leading Open Source IoT platform

Kuzzle is an open source software company providing an expert platform for the Internet of Things and massive data processing