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Compare Kuzzle Editions

* Core Kuzzle features: includes setup, security, database, search, pub/sub, geofencing, any available protocols (HTTP, Websockets, MQTT), any SDKs, and Admin Console. See the product section for more details.
** VIP Support: includes access to helpdesk, to a slack channel with the Kuzzle team, and notifications for updates & patches.
*** Private Cloud: includes a scalable and HA Kuzzle edition with full monitoring, backup and log management, hosted on AWS, Google Cloud or on your own private Cloud. See below for more details.

*** Private Managed Cloud Edition

Take advantage of our Kuzzle Managed Cloud Edition and have us deploy, scale and manage your Kuzzle installation on our private cloud or on your own private cloud. We provide a devOps toolkit to automate Kuzzle deployments that is tailored to your Continuous Integration Guidelines.

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