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All the power of an open source,
online IoT & Data Science platform

Kuzzle PaaS

Kuzzle PaaS, a Platform-as-a-Service, flexible, with no commitment, for all your uses

Kuzzle PaaS, a Platform-as-a-Service, flexible, with no commitment, for all your IoT application uses. We take care of the commissioning, hosting, and management of your Kuzzle IoT platform for immediate online use.

Kuzzle IoT Open Source

Low Code platform

Kuzzle PaaS is an open Low Code IoT platform complete with ready-to-use business plugins, so you can quickly develop all your IoT applications.
Free yourself from long-term commitments and proprietary software with our open source IoT platform.

Kuzzle IoT On premise

Cloud or On-Premise

Benefit from the advantages of modern managed Cloud services – high availability, updates, resilience- while keeping everything that makes Kuzzle IoT a class-leading IoT platform. Start in PaaS mode and easily migrate to an On-Premise installation whenever you like.

Kuzzle IoT-Extensible

High availability

Activate resources on demand, with additional services scaled and tailored to your needs.
Improve your operational infrastructure with our scalable hosting offers (CPU, RAM, storage…).

A bespoke, out-of-the-box IoT Platform-as-a-Service

Kuzzle PaaS gives you access to a fully customizable, secure, and scalable Open Source IoT platform, with data hosted in France.

Kuzzle PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service IoT

Save set-up time

Access the power of Kuzzle IoT in minutes!
Our operations team activates the hosting services you need as soon as you subscribe.
Kuzzle ensures that each instance is deployed and configured for optimal performance, high availability, and on-demand scalability.
We will support you throughout the process – from designing your project, to launch, to further development.
Ready to start your IoT project?

Monitor your resources

Thanks to the scalability of Kuzzle PaaS, your project can evolve in terms of the number of sensors and/or storage. We adapt your infrastructure according to your needs = RAM, CPU, storage… everything is customisable!
Coupled with high availability (SLA), your technical infrastructure can adapt to your business needs.
Enable the additional services you need for an environment designed for your specifications. Monitor the health of your applications with logs and metrics to identify application behaviour and intervene quickly if needed.

Kuzzle PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service IoT
Kuzzle PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service IoT

Customise your IoT platform

Access the source code to modify the platform by adding your own code. This means you can quickly customise the Kuzzle platform for each project.
With various packages available to suit any size environment, your organisation can benefit from the scalability of the Kuzzle PaaS platform.
Kuzzle provides a development and deployment environment as well as a secure turnkey hosting space. Our team ensures availability and continuous updates so you don’t have to worry about operational issues.

An offer adapted to your needs

Whatever the size of your project, we have the right IoT platform for you!
From managing technical infrastructure, to customised services, see all our Kuzzle PaaS offers

Kuzzle PaaS Starter

Up to 20 devices

The flexible, commitment-free solution to get your projects going

IoT Platform included

Device Manager

Dashboard Builder

Rules engine

Workflow Engine

Alert system



Technical infrastructure

Stockage 20 Gb

High availability not included

Technical support not included

80€ net/month

Kuzzle PaaS Business

Up to 500 devices

Scale your IoT projects on demand with Kuzzle PaaS

IoT Platform included

Device Manager

Dashboard Builder

Rules engine

Workflow Engine

Alert system



Technical infrastructure

Stockage 60 Gb

High availability platform

Technical support on request

400€ net/month

Kuzzle PaaS Enterprise

More than 1000 sensors

Deploy large-scale projects easily and quickly

IoT Platform included

Device Manager

Dashboard Builder

Rules engine

Workflow Engine

Alert system



Technical infrastructure

Stockage 310 Gb

High availability platform + DB

Technical support included

Sliding-scale pricing on request

Need a custom offer?

They have trusted us

Kuzzle IoT, the Open Source IoT platform, addresses Smart City, Smart Building,
Smart Industry, Smart Logistics & Transport, and Connected Health use cases as well
as large-scale data processing for the Internet of Things.

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Focus on your core business while we handle your technical infrastructure needs

Kuzzle PaaS natively integrates our open source IoT platform with a set of out-of-the-box features to cover broad use cases in one unified online platform.

Device manager

With Kuzzle Device Manager, simplify the management of your connected devices. Associate your sensors and control your devices regardless of what technology they use. Provision and manage your equipment en masse, with end-to-end fleet visibility in real time.

Dashboard generator

Create your own dashboards and manage your IoT data with Kuzzle Dashboard Builder. Aggregate and analyse all your data and display it via graphs, histograms, or map views. Turn your IoT data into actionable information for everyone.

Business rules engine

With Kuzzle Workflow Engine, define and model your workflows to build your own custom business logic. Identify and define business rules, trigger actions and user workflows based on the occurrence of specific events or conditions.


Use Kuzzle PaaS’s native geolocation and geofencing features to visualize and track your equipment in real time. Trigger alerts based on location and zone entries and exits and identify choke points for rapid intervention.

Alert system

Set up real-time alerts to monitor and control your activity with the Kuzzle alert manager. Receive notifications based on the status (or change in status) of your IoT devices. Detect abnormal situations and implement corrective actions.


Use the multi-tenant manager to manage user permissions, either as shared services or under a white label.

This means that each organisation works with a virtual instance adapted to its needs via a single platform.

Try Kuzzle PaaS without waiting!

Kuzzle PaaS is a next-generation, open source IoT and data platform, accessible online, which accelerates the deployment of your IoT applications. It is agnostic with respect to sensor technologies, network connectivity, and business systems, allowing for simplified and centralised management.

Kuzzle PaaS allows you to reduce your IoT applications deployment time and focus on your core business.

Have any questions about Kuzzle PaaS?

We’ll answer them below!

Q. What is a PaaS?

PaaS stands for ‘Platform-as-a-Service’. It is a Cloud Computing service that allows companies to outsource the hosting of software and hardware tools for application development.
With Kuzzle PaaS, we take care of the deployment, hosting, and commissioning of your Kuzzle IoT as-a-Service platform for immediate online use.

Q. Who is Kuzzle PaaS for?

Kuzzle PaaS is an IoT service for developers, devOps, and users who want an online IoT platform without having to manage the technical infrastructure of an IoT platform. Thanks to a low-code approach, you will be able to quickly create graphic interfaces for your users and their IoT uses.

Q. What services are included with Kuzzle PaaS?

Kuzzle PaaS provides access to the following services:

  • a customisable online Kuzzle IoT platform
  • a storage space for your IoT application and data
  • a command line tool to update your application and view logs
Q. What responsibilities do Kuzzle and the client have?

Kuzzle manages the Platform-a as-a-Service Platform and the Cloud infrastructure that hosts it. The client uses Kuzzle PaaS and manages its own IoT project.

Q. Where is my data hosted?

Your IoT application data is hosted in data centres in France.

Q. How can I retrieve data from my IoT application?

You can retrieve at any time the data of your IoT application by exporting them from Kuzzle PaaS using this tool.

Q. Once I have access to Kuzzle PaaS, what should I do?

Once you have received your email with your access to Kuzzle PaaS, follow the link to the documentation to deploy your IoT application.

Discover the projects implemented out by our teams

Pilot +270 Smart Cities Smart City

The department of Finistère monitors the needs of its 270 communities in real time thanks to Kuzzle IoT

Connected containers Smart Logistics

The La Poste Group is optimising its parcel delivery supply chain and improving customer satisfaction with Kuzzle IoT.

Smart station Smart Industry

With Kuzzle IoT, SNCF is connecting its equipment and making its stations intelligent while improving the passenger experience


All the power of an IoT & Data Science online platform

Discover Kuzzle PaaS, our flexible, commitment-free platform for all your IoT applications
We take care of the commissioning, hosting, and management of your Kuzzle IoT platform for immediate online use.