Install Kuzzle quickly

Install Kuzzle quickly and easily

$ npx kourou app:scaffold myAwesomeApp

Use our installation scripts

For non-Linux systems, please refer to our guide. You can also install Kuzzle manually or by using Docker.

For questions and support please email

The fatest way to play with Kuzzle

Kuzzle is also available on AWS Marketplace.

This installation method is recommended for those who don’t want to install Kuzzle on their own machine.

Its aim is to be used as a sandbox environment to experiment with all the product features.

Launch in aws marketplace

Choose your SDK

Reduce your development time with Kuzzle SDKs, these provide easy access to Kuzzle API to help you get started quickly. Develop faster your apps with an SDK for your favourite framework.

Manage data & users with Admin console

Manage your Kuzzle Launch the admin console & define indexes, collections, data schemas, user roles & policies. Browse & watch your data in real-time.


Kuzzle, the reference Open Source IoT platform in Europe.

Kuzzle is an Open Source software editor providing an expert software platform for the management of the Internet of Things, APIs and data. You want more information ? Or demo ?