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Data & IoT platform
for connected work sites

Geolocation of construction materials in the construction area via a reporting services portal and real-time dashboards to secure construction sites.

Omniscient, incubated by Bouygues Construction, provides site teams with IoT data, accessible in real time from the platform and the application thanks to sensors installed on site equipment.

With more than twenty technologies already integrated into the platform, my Omniscient makes the resources of the worksites “talk” and adapts to all types of situations (multiple sites, indoor, outdoor, etc.):
Rolling stock: optimization of dispatching and investments (real-time location and measurement of utilization rate to optimize the fleet).
Tracking of machines and people in a tunnel (Guarantee the safety of workers and improve production methods).

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Connected devices

« The first demonstrator carried out this summer showed Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate different geolocation solutions, display them on a map and use the data in just one week!
With Kuzzle, development is no longer a matter of months, but week

Nicolas Lemaire

CEO of Omniscient, Bouygues Construction

Geolocation service on conctruction site

Development of a geofencing service to manage equipment on construction sites, organize the distribution of tools and materials, remotely and in real time with Kuzzle IoT.


  • ElasticSearch
  • On Premise
  • Kuzzle IoT
  • Vue.JS
  • AWS
  • Masterless cluster architecture


  • Geolocation and Geofencing
  • Real time engine
  • Multi protocol API
  • API Management
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Scalability and high availability
  • Pub/sub engine
  • Data storage
  • Scalability / Business code
  • Multi-tenant
  • Agnostic to sensor technologies
  • Interoperability with third-party APIs
  • User and profile management

IoT device

More than 30,000 pieces of equipment (Loka, Abeeway, Wirepas, Ineo Sense, ELA Innovation…) connected (Lora, Sigfox) on 5 technical bases and more than 1,000 construction sites.

Kuzzle IoT : your IoT Smart Industry platform

Kuzzle IoT is a new generation of platform that accelerates the development of your IoT applications: It is agnostic towards existing sensor, network and information system technologies for a centralized and simplified management of the entire value chain.

With Kuzzle IoT, reduce the time-to-market of your IoT applications and focus on the user experience.

omniscient TDB

Connected construction site with Kuzzle Backend

With just a few clicks, teams can benefit from real-time information on resources (tools, materials, human resources) for:

  • Locate their equipment wherever it is located
  • Access an inventory of all assets
  • Measure the rate of use
  • Check the correct delivery of the material.
  • Measure the workforce required to complete a phase Identify logistical bottlenecks or wasted travel time.

The data from connected objects makes it possible to improve production processes, site management and, more broadly, management control.

My omniscient pour des chantiers plus efficaces

Rapidity, efficacity, scalability, source of success

The advantages in terms of speed of development are obvious for Nicolas Lemaire: “Dedicated to IoT, the Kuzzle backend embeds advanced technological bricks such as geofencing, which allows us to transform the data collected into useful and actionable data for the teams. of construction site. The first demonstrator carried out this summer made it possible to show the Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate different geolocation solutions, display them on a map and use the data, in just one week! “
Kuzzle IoT will automatically follow the scaling up of Omniscient connected sites.

Coming from the Bouygues Construction intrapreneurship program, Omniscient is a service solution around Asset Tracking & Management for the construction trades. Built around an application, the solution connects IoT sensors from various technologies in order to restore geolocation, inventory, real-time alert of supervised resources.

They trust us

The industry trusts Kuzzle for the deployment of Smart Industry, Smart Logistics & Transport, Smart Tracking and massive data processing projects.

Crédit Agricole

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Kuzzle aims to be the reference IoT Smart Industry platform in Europe.

Kuzzle is an Open Source software editor providing an expert software platform for the management of the Internet of Things, APIs and data.