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Kuzzle 101

Backend suite to power web, mobile & IoT apps

"I'm a CTO, can you be more specific?"

On-premises, open source, ready-to-use application stack

Kuzzle is an open-source solution that includes a scalable server, a multiprotocol API, an administration console and a set of plugins that provide advanced functionalities like real-time pub/sub, blazing fast search and geofencing.
Use it for your web, mobile, IoT & middleware projects.

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What can I do with Kuzzle?

Kuzzle solves many different digital needs, including messaging, collaboration, single sign-on, secondary screens and many more. It is a cross-industry and cross-technology platform that is suitable for a wide variety of projects.

How does it work?

Run Kuzzle

$ bash -c "$(curl"

For non-Linux systems, please refer to our guide. You can also install Kuzzle manually or by using Docker.
For questions and support please email

Developers Corner

Reduce your development time with Kuzzle SDKs, these provide easy access to Kuzzle API to help you get started quickly.
To learn more read our guide


  • Javascript
  • Android
  • GO
  • // Gets the current timestamp of Kuzzle Server
    try {
      const timestamp = await;
      console.log('Epoch-millis timestamp:', timestamp);
    } catch (error) {
  • public void getTimestamp() {    
    //Instantiate and connect to Kuzzle kuzzle = new Kuzzle("localhost"); //Get the timestamp ResponseListener() { @Override public void onSuccess(Object response) { doSomething(response); } @Override public void onError(JSONObject error) { handleError(error); } });
  • func getTimestamp() {    
    //Connect to Kuzzle o := types.NewOptions() qo := types.NewQueryOptions() cn := websocket.NewWebSocket("localhost", o) k, _ := kuzzle.NewKuzzle(cn, o) //Request the timestamp res, _ := k.Now(qo) // 'res' contains the utc timestamp in milliseconds doSomething(res)

Setup data and security rules with the Kuzzle Admin Console

The Kuzzle Admin Console is an open-source, standalone web UI that you can use to manage your Kuzzle installation. Run it locally or on the cloud and configure indexes, collections, schemas, roles, policies and much more.

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