Kuzzle & SNCF
Smart Industry

Connected buildings: Equipment monitoring

Monitoring and maintenance of connected station infrastructure equipment such as lighting and escalators

SNCF Gares & Connexions – the operator of France’s railway infrastructure, including stations – has called upon the Kuzzle IoT Open-Source IoT to support its plan for the remote monitoring and management of the Aix-en-Provence TGV station.

By implementing remote sensors, the Open-Source IoT platform Kuzzle IoT ensures that information and alerts are received in real time the technical teams can intervene as soon as a malfunction is identified.
SNCF thus optimises its energy expenditure and can carry out preventative maintenance more efficiently, thus increasing passenger comfort.

Kuzzle & SNCF

Key figures

Travellers per year

Connected equipment

“For SNCF Gares et Connexions, the first challenge is to be aware of the state of its infrastructure and whether it is functioning properly. Secondly, it is a question of ‘understanding the situations in which this equipment starts to malfunction”

Marie-Caroline Bénézet Lanfranchi

CDO, SNCF Gares et Connexions

IoT applications for Smart Industry

With our Smart Industry platform, SNCF collects and classifies large volumes of heterogeneous data in real time.



  • Interoperability
  • Real-time engine
  • Geolocation
  • API management
  • Scalability

Connected equipment

Deployment of multi-brand and multi-network sensors to connect the station equipment for:

  • Lighting management (interior and exterior)
  • Monitoring the operational status of lifts
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) monitoring
  • Measurement of solar power output
  • Consumption measurement of electric car charging stations (high and low voltage).

Kuzzle IoT : your IoT & Data Science platform

Kuzzle IoT is a next-generation platform that accelerates the development of your IoT applications: agnostic with respect to existing sensor, network, and information system technologies, it offers simplified, centralized management of the whole value chain.

With Kuzzle IoT, reduce the time-to-market of your IoT applications and focus on your core business.

Monitoring of connected machines with Kuzzle IoT

Lighting zones

Real-time, remote control of station lighting zones directly from the Kuzzle IoT application, with just one click.


Real-time monitoring of lifts and escalators, with real-time alerts for any malfunctions.


Measurement of energy production and consumption from solar panels on the station roof, which supply electricity to the electric vehicle charging points in the car park.

Kuzzle Data Platform

Kuzzle IoT: the platform for Industry 4.0

Remote and real time management of connected equipment in stations with Kuzzle IoT:

  • Management of lighting zones from the Kuzzle IoT application.
  • Monitoring of lifts, escalators, and automatic doors, with alerts for any malfunctions.
  • Temperature, heating, and air conditioning management in stations.
  • Monitoring equipment and maintenance efficiency.
  • Measuring air quality in buildings and setting up alerts.
  • Monitoring solar power production, as well as consumption at the electric vehicle charge points.
  • Kuzzle IoT smart platform on mobile devices
Kuzzle Data Platform

Results ans projections

Real-time visualization of data via a mobile/web application developed with Kuzzle IoT along with the latest generation of analytical tools allow the station’s technical staff and maintenance teams to ensure precise monitoring and management of equipment, improving responsiveness and reducing energy costs.
In the future, connected infrastructure, combined with intelligent analysis systems, will be able to act autonomously to optimise energy consumption and resource use to prevent failures and trigger preventive maintenance.

Kuzzle & SNCF

SNCF Gares & Connexions aims to transform stations into places of daily life in their own right.
Through its missions of operating, developing, and transforming stations, as well as creating services and shops, SNCF Gares & Connexions opens up stations to the cities they serve and contributes to local economic development.

They have trusted Kuzzle IoT

The Open Source IoT Platform, Kuzzle IoT,  provides Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Industry,
Smart Logistics & Transport and Connected Health use cases, for large-scale data processing projects
on the Internet of Things.

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