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Kuzzle as a middleware

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Digital transformation on top of your legacy system

Installing Kuzzle on top of your existing legacy system is a great way to take digital transformation to the next level.
By integrating with Kuzzle, you can take advantage of all the cutting-edge features and provide new web, mobile & IoT functionality to your existing infrastructure.


Deploy and scale on your own bare-metal or cloud servers

Kuzzle follows DevOps guidelines and lets teams maintain control of data privacy, network performance, cloud billing, scalability and platform connectivity. Kuzzle is built with cutting-edge open-source components, available and scalable on all cloud platforms and Linux distributions.
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Case Study

Digital banking: a second screen to photograph, upload and sign documents

Kuzzle real-time engine enables multi-screen synchronization, providing a uniform experience that keeps the user engaged.
In the video below, the user completes an online subscription using their mobile device, which provides an interface that is better suited than that of a desktop computer for capturing and uploading a photo, and providing a signature.
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The first IoT tracking solution carried out this summer showed Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate different geolocation solutions, display them on a map and use the data in just a few weeks! With Kuzzle, development is no longer a matter of months, but weeks.

nicolas lemaire-omniscient Nicolas Lemaire CEO of Omniscient

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