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Kuzzle for Mobile Apps

mobile backend as a service you can install on-premises

Kuzzle Backend provides popular toolkits that developers need to build hybrid and native apps for iOS and Android. It's a backend solution rich in features, including a database, search, API, security ACL, notifications, offline first, messaging, and geofencing, and includes SDKs for Javascript, iOS, Android, React Native, Progressive Web Apps & more. And the great thing about Kuzzle Backend is that it is on-premises! You can install, modify, deploy and scale your backend from your laptop to any docker or cloud hosting provider.

Developers Corner

Reduce your development time with Kuzzle's SDKs, these provide high-level APIs to the Kuzzle Backend to help you get started quickly.
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  • Javascript
  • Android
  • GO
  • (function () {
      var kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost', {
        defaultIndex: 'some index',
        autoReconnect: true,
        headers: {someheader: "value"},
        port: 7512
      }); (err, res) {
        /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */
  • Kuzzle kuzzle = new Kuzzle("localhost"); ResponseListener<Date>() {
      public void onSuccess(Date object) {
        /* 'object' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

      public void onError(JSONObject error) {
        /* Handle error */
  • func main() {
      o := types.NewOptions()
      qo := types.NewQueryOptions()

      cn := websocket.NewWebSocket(":7512", o)
      k, _ := kuzzle.NewKuzzle(cn, o)

      res, _ := k.Now(qo)

      /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

Setup data and security rules with the admin console

The Kuzzle Admin Console is an open-source, standalone web UI that you can use to manage your Kuzzle Backend installation. Run it locally or on the cloud and configure indexes, collections, schemas, roles, policies and much more.

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