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Platform of territorial data

Monitoring the carbon impact of the La Rochelle agglomeration by the consortium La Rochelle Territoire Zéro Carbone


The Platform will be fed by the shared Open Data of La Rochelle, but also data from energy consumption and air quality sensors, private and public data on mobility or waste management.

The platform will integrate numerical data, maps and satellite images. They will be
verified, processed and anonymized to be stored and exploited. The cross-referencing of information and the creation of new reference systems will feed dashboards published in real time in order to publish a detailed assessment of the carbon impact on the scale of the agglomeration and the communes.

Port de La Rochelle


divide the carbon footprint by 2

carbon neutrality

«The La Rochelle City has been opening its data since 2012, making it one of the pioneering cities in France for the accessibility and reuse of the public data it collects, produces or keeps. It has expanded the platform by sharing it with the Communauté d’Agglomération in 2019. With the Territorial Data Platform, we are going even further and creating a powerful digital tool that will allow us to analyze data that is essential for the evaluation, monitoring and anticipation of our environmental policies, in the service of our ambition La Rochelle Zero Carbon Territory by 2040.»

Marie Nedellec

Vice President , of the Communauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle in charge of the digital transition

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Zero carbon territory

An efficient tool to serve the ambition of La Rochelle Territory Zero Carbon

Thanks to the territorial data platform, the La Rochelle Zero Carbon Territory consortium will be able to establish a detailed assessment of the carbon impact and its evolution on the scale of the agglomeration, the municipalities, or a particular use such as the modal share of bicycles, the energy performance of public buildings, or the state of carbon sinks.
buildings, or the state of carbon sinks.

Shared data, respecting privacy and serving the public interest

Accessible to administrations, companies, associations, researchers… the data can also be reused to develop new services, in the respect of privacy and for the general interest.

public privacy
sustainable foundation

A platform built on an open and responsible foundation

The platform will be developed under the Apache 2.0 open source license to promote reuse and encourage other actors to enrich the solution. It will be co-constructed and used by a community of private and public
and public actors from La Rochelle and other interested territories. Certified by an AFAQ eco-design process, its electricity consumption will be optimized and a carbon footprint will be established to offset emissions.

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La Rochelle

Sustainable development has been a priority for La Rochelle for more than 40 years and is part of the culture and values of the region. A role model in terms of urban ecology, soft mobility, energy renovation and biodiversity protection, the Agglomeration wishes to go further and faster in this direction by mobilizing all the forces of the local ecosystem. “La Rochelle Territory Zero Carbon” reflects the commitment made by all of the territory’s players to meet the environmental challenges, fight against climate change, and challenges, fight against climate change and preserve the quality of life. It is therefore an objective, that of reducing the territory’s carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 to achieve carbon neutrality in 2040, and a guideline for everyone’s actions, to combine sobriety, innovation and solidarity.

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