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Kuzzle for middleware

Digital transformation on top of your legacy IT made easy

Kuzzle Backend on top of your existing legacy IT backend(s) is very smart way to take digital transformation to the next level.
Data pushed to Kuzzle becomes instantly available for all new age features Kuzzle Backend provides for Web, mobile & IoT.

Deploy and scale on your own bare-metal or cloud servers

Kuzzle Backend follows the devOps guidelines and let your IT keep control over data privacy, network performances, Cloud billing, scalability and connectivity with your other backend applications. Kuzzle uses cutting-edge open-source components, available and scalable on all Cloud platforms and Linux distributions.
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Case Study

Digital banking: a second screen to upload pictures and signature

Kuzzle's realtime capabilities delivers hand-off multi-screen features, enabling end-users to perform tasks that would otherwise be complex on a regular desktop.
In the video below, the user completes an online subscription tunnel by shooting and instantly uploading a photo, and providing an on-screen signature.
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