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Backend suite to power & unify new age apps for web, mobile & IoT

Cloud & protocol agnostic end-to-end application stack

Kuzzle Backend combines a multi-protocol API, a database, a pub/sub real-time engine, as well as advanced search, geofencing, SDK(s) and Admin UI.
Kuzzle Backend is suitable for web-apps, hybrid or native mobile apps and IoT projects.

How it works

Run Kuzzle Backend

You can install Kuzzle Backend in multiple ways (Docker, manually, Terraform, Ansible…), on any Linux or Docker compatible machine.
See the Download section to browse all options.

$ sudo bash -c "$(curl"

Developer's corner - SDK(s) examples

Reduce development time and learning curve with the Kuzzle SDK(s). They provide high-level APIs to make developers' life simpler.
Read the documentation to learn more

  • Javascript
  • Android
  • GO
  • (function () {
      var kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost', {
        defaultIndex: 'some index',
        autoReconnect: true,
        headers: { someheader: 'value' },
        port: 7512
      }); (err, res) {
        /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */
  • import io.kuzzle.sdk.core.Kuzzle;

    Kuzzle kuzzle = new Kuzzle("localhost"); ResponseListener() {
      public void onSuccess(Date object) {
        /* 'object' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

      public void onError(JSONObject error) {
        /* Handle error */
  • import (

    func main() {
      o := types.NewOptions()
      qo := types.NewQueryOptions()

      cn := websocket.NewWebSocket(":7512", o)
      k, _ := kuzzle.NewKuzzle(cn, o)

      res, _ := k.Now(qo)

      /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

Setup data and security rules with the admin UI

The Kuzzle Admin UI is an open-source, standalone web UI you can run from a Cloud-hosted version, or download and run locally from any operating system. It is a visual interface to manage Kuzzle backend API and configure indexes, data collections, data schemas, user roles and policies, debugging and more.


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