We are very pleased to announce that Kuzzle will be exhibitor at the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.


Why go to the Customer Electronic Show?

CES is the place to be for pioneers of digital innovation.

We offer the solution to increase competitivity in BtoB or BtoBtoC environments. Digital innovation and digital transformation are propelled by globalisation and consumer centricity, just as we are.

We are very proud to help our partners to innovate and to escape the technology blackhole.

On this occasion, Kaliop Group (our incubator) will unveil Kuzzle Enterprise!


official launch kuzzle enterprise


What is Kuzzle?

Kuzzle is a backend platform designed to power and unify innovative apps for web, mobile & IoT.
It brings a digital product from inception to market in 40 % less time than regular development cycles.
Because it’s technology agnostic, it works on any platform and interconnects any device (web, mobile and IoT) therefore giving freedom to imagine beyond possibilities.

Why is the use of a backend platform unavoidable to future proof the global application development landscape?

Kuzzle is a standard, ready to use and feature rich backend platform that allows users to create prototypes in days and MVPs in weeks when regular development cycles take months. As a result, the TCO is lower and companies may devote more time and budget to customer experience therefore retaining a stronger competitive edge

kuzzle innovative application

Critical path for digital innovation:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Time to Market
  • Enrich Customer Experience
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Future Proofing

Kuzzle value proposition:

  • Accelerate innovation cycles (Weeks vs months)
  • Reduce time to market (40%)
  • Increase ROI (lower TCO, increase UX)

You want to know what you can do with Kuzzle ?

Kuzzle is useful for IoT business and for many other sectors...

secteurs kuzzle


Here is some examples of use :



CES Unveiled Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay, South Pacific Ballroom 

CES unveiled Las Vegas


CES 2017

CES kuzzle


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