Backend Platform to power and unify Digital | Mobile | Neo Banking Apps

  • API management services
  • Custom business logic
  • Unified user authentication and security rules
  • Real time multi screen synchronization
  • Fast storage middleware on top of your IT
  • Cloud agnostic

Kuzzle in action

KUZZLE allows you to build innovative web and mobile banking apps to create an enhanced user experience.

Discover the strong features provided by KUZZLE to power your digital banking services.

Meet Us At Money 20/20 Europe

The Money 20/20 Europe event in Copenhagen, from 26-28 June, is the biggest Fintech event in Europe.
Meet us in the Business France area - Booth L10

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  • Jacques Le Conte CEO Kuzzle
  • Gaetano Giunta Product Evangelist Kuzzle
  • Jérôme Cohonner Customer Success Kuzzle

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